Part 2 – Indigenous Australians & CJS – a snapshot of over-representation

  • 28 September 2020
Following on with part 1 of our post into the over-representation of Indigenous Australians in the Criminal Justice System (CJS) this post briefly delves into the Royal Commission into Aboriginal D

Disclosure Obligations of Police/Prosecutors

  • 22 September 2020
It is well known in the legal industry that a prosecutor in a criminal matter must disclose relevant documents to the accused person or his defence team. However, disclosure request from an acc

Self Defence – when does it apply?

  • 08 September 2020
There is a common perception that you can act in Self-Defence of yourself and /or others when there is danger present. Whilst this is true you must be aware of just when and how you can claim S

COVID-19 and the impact on Domestic Violence

  • 22 July 2020
Australia and other countries around the world have recently had, and in some states appear to be returning to. various stages of lockdown due to the coronavirus, which according to the John Hopkin

Can I legally protest?

  • 18 June 2020
Considering recent events, some people are wondering whether they can legally protest in Australia. The below discussion is a brief overview of what rights Australians have and how in NSW the

The Balance between Mental Health and Public Health in Australian Prisons

  • 27 May 2020
COVID-19 and Mental Health COVID-19 has undoubtedly changed the way of life for many individuals across the word, as people have been told to self-isolate. As a result, mental health and wellbe

The dying presumption of innocence – Part 2

  • 19 May 2020
Many of us can find comfort in the thought that our society is one that believes in a person’s innocence until proven guilty. It is a presumption in our legal system. When charged with any cr

Defences available at Law

  • 18 February 2020
Not every act that would constitute a crime may result in a criminal conviction. There are certain defences that exist at law that can reduce or remove criminal culpability. At Rep-Revive Criminal

Drugs, Guns, Assault, Theft and Murder

  • 14 February 2020
Christopher George Latore Wallace, aka The Notorious B.I.G, aka Biggie Smalls or Biggie was a revered American hip-hop artist. His nickname, Biggie Smalls, relates to his large stature, as Biggie w

Boxing, Assault and the Law

  • 20 January 2020
A test of skill and might, yet why is this harm alright? Despite being a sport loved by many, including our own principal solicitor, the physical dangers of a contact sport such as boxing are u
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