Elvis the Pelvis

We all know Elvis Presley as the Rockstar with the swinging hips, trendy hair and magnificent gospel voice. But did you know that the King of Rock was investigated by the police for his promiscuous dance?


It was in 1957 when World War 2 was more than a decade past, when music started to feed the soul and dance was starting to move feets to a positive direction. Now music was back on the scene and Rock 'n' Roll was the leading theme. Elvis through his passion in gospel music employed it into Rock. Rock n Roll in the 50's was a development from the classic Doo-wop. And it was through Elvis with his fusion of Doo-wop, Gospel and classic Rock that Rock 'n' Roll truly got its name. But did you know It was not entirely his music that raised him to fame? Well it was his 'promiscuous' dance move, in particular the swinging of his hips.


In the 50's it was a time of conservatism. And the police believed that there was no place for an adult male to be swinging his hips and singing to a crowd where the vast majority of the audience were female.


In an attempt to 'shut' the King down in the sell out show at the iconic Pan Pacific Auditorium in LA, Elvis was warned not to wiggle his hips on stage - that he was to clean up his act!


The King defied the request of the police and continued with his roaring dance moves with the crowds going crazy for the King. He moved and sang with utmost passion. This is not to suggest a rebellious nature with the law but what he believed was his right to express himself through music and art.


In 1956 a year prior to the concert in LA, The King told TV Guide that his moves were in rhythm with music and that he jumped around because he enjoys what he's doing and he is trying to make the best of it.


Needless to say The King's concert in Pan Pacific Auditorium was recorded by the police and the very next day LA Vice Squad analysed his dance performance and could not find any reason for him to be arrested for indecency. One of the key factors was that he was fully clothed.


Regardless, many concert organisers even enforced the 'no wiggle' rule which in effect forced the audience to stand still whilst the King sang. Elvis continued to make headlines over the years with his swinging moves and over the years many Rockstars followed suit with their unique and influential dance moves.


There is no real voice without the expression of dance. AND music has no rhythm without the soul of dance. All it takes is one person to fully express themselves for the rest of the world to be opened up to self expression and in turn self growth and development.


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