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Always In Your Corner

Rep-Revive Lawyers® are there when the times are tough and you need someone in your corner. Moreover, when your reputation is in jeopardy, we say we are the best law firm to revive and/or to restore it. In this sense Rep-Revive Lawyers® always seeks to obtain for you the very best legal outcome possible. With our proven dedication and track record you can rest assured if you instruct Rep-Revive® you too can be like the phoenix rising from the ashes.

Why Rep-Revive Lawyers®

At Rep-Revive Lawyers® we take pride, passion and confidence in restoring our clients repute. No matter how big or small your matter is we always set out to defend your rights and liberty with rigor. Plus, there are several more reasons to engage Rep-Revive Lawyers®:

We are always in your corner

At Rep-Revive Lawyers® we understand the gravity of a legal matter on your life. Thus, we work with the utmost diligence and fervour to restore our client’s repute. We fight for your rights and liberty earnestly, and for the best results, irrespective of the intensity of the matter. All these factors have made us known in the industry as always being in our client’s corner.

We bring about excellent results

Rep-Revive Lawyers® is driven by positive outcomes and will defend your case and position with skills which have been sharpened by years of experience. You will be dealing with lawyers who are proficient at their craft who act with rigour. Rep-Revive Lawyers® are adept in all forms of legal work including advocacy and will present your case in the most skilful manner.

Your case will be in the hands of an experienced lawyer

Irrespective of your decision in deciding the course of the case, you will be supported and guided by Rep-Revive Lawyers® who have been in the provision of legal service for over 21 years. If you are caught up in any criminal charges or have an employment or entertainment law issue or dispute our team at Rep-Revive Lawyers® are best suited for representing your case. Please contact our office on 0419 998 398 or email for more information. The first consultation is free.

98% success rate

We Get The Results

At Rep-Revive Lawyers® we take pride and passion in representing our clients and always provide quality legal representation in the metropolitan area or throughout New South Wales. We have a policy of being highly accessible to our clients and have genuine commitment to each and every client. These factors set us apart from other firms.

We assign 50+ practice areas for clients.

See What Our Clients Say

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Rep-Revive® Criminal lawyer and Daniel Wilson it"s principal together with Ms Houston achieved the best result for my wife and I. My wife was charged with Affray but Rep-Revive® wrote representation to the police and persuaded the prosecution to withdraw the charge. I highly recommend Rep-Revive®. Because of their professionalism my wife maintains her good reputation. I rate Rep-Revive® Five stars.
- Via Google

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Michael Lo-Surdo


Seeing I had the opportunity to see Mr Wilson in action I can say that Danny and Rep-Revive® Criminal Lawyers are the most professional advocates in action I've ever seen. If one wishes to restore their damaged repute this is the firm to accomplish that restoration. I totally recommend RPR5. If you need great legal representation give Danny a call.
- Via Google

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Allister Blake


I had Daniel Wilson from Rep-Revive® criminal lawyers represent me in a couple of different criminal matters. From beginning to end Daniel was professional and astute in everything he did and I got great results. I highly recommend Rep-Revive® criminal lawyers and Daniel Wilson. 5 stars.
- Via Google

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