Unlawful Entry on an Inclosed Land

When a person steps onto an inclosed land without lawful excuse (proof of which lies on the person) without consent of the owner, occupier, or person in charge of the land, or who dwells on the lands, can be fined for Unlawful Entry on Inclosed Land.

Some examples are:

• Climbing onto someone’s balcony;

• Remaining in a place such as a hospital, school or business after you’ve been asked to leave; and

• Opening a closed gate and walking up to the front door of a house to drop off a pamphlet which has a sign stating, “No Trespassers”.



The offence of Unlawful Entry on Inclosed Lands is contained in Section 4 of the Inclosed Lands Protection Act 1901 (NSW) which states:

“Any person who, without lawful excuse (proof of which lies on the person), enters into inclosed lands without the consent of the owner, occupier or person apparently in charge of those lands, or who remains on those lands after being requested by the owner, occupier or person apparently in charge of those lands to leave those lands”.



Unlawful Entry on Inclosed Land can be punished with a fine of;

  • 10 penalty units in the case of prescribed premises (such as hospital), or
  • 5 penalty units in any other case.

1 penalty unit is currently set at $110.00



As Unlawful Entry on Inclosed Land is a criminal offence, the burden of proof lies on the prosecution. The prosecution must prove each of the following matters beyond a reasonable doubt:

  • That your entry on the land was without the consent of the owner; and
  • The land was enclosed; and
  • You had no lawful excuse to enter and/or remain.



Some defences against the charge of Unlawful Entry on Inclosed Lands, can include:

  • Your entry on the land did not occur after the withdrawal of the consent of the owner.
  • Establish that only a certain area of land was inclosed and you were not in that area; or
  • Provide a lawful excuse for entering the land.



For Unlawful entry on Inclosed Land, Rep-Revive Criminal Lawyers® offers the following options:


  1. We initiate negotiation with prosecutors (police) (a term referred to as “plea negotiations”) and plead to withdrawal or downgrade of the charge or alternatively, seek amendments to the police fact sheets or documents.
  2. At the hearing/trial, Rep-Revive Criminal Lawyers® shall if you so instruct Plead Not Guilty and drive the argument based on prosecution’s inability to prove the elements of their accusation.
  3. Alternatively, Rep-Revive Criminal Lawyers® may plead guilty on your instructions however, the hearing shall revolve around the facts with an objective to obtain a moderate or minimum punishment.
  4. Lastly, Rep-Revive Criminal Lawyers® on your instructions enter a plea of guilt where you accept all the charges pressed by the police, but we present a case so solid on your behalf, with an objective to persuade and convince the Court to not record a criminal conviction against you.

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