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Rep-Revive Criminal & Employment Lawyers ® firm aims to restore the damage to its clients Reputation at a fair price. Rep-revive’s logo as such is the phoenix rising from the ashes. Rep-Revive also endeavours to bring the fight for justice, truth and fairness through legal representation to those charged with criminal or traffic offences. Along with, seeking rightful remedies to those unfairly dismissed or adversely affected by either their Employers, Employees or Independent Contractors. At Rep-Revive we are “always in your corner” and can be depended upon when the times are tough.

Moreover, when your reputation is in jeopardy, we say we are the best law firm to revive and/or to restore it. In this sense Rep-Revive Criminal & Employment Lawyers is a law firm that seeks to ascertain the truth and restore the damage done to people’s reputations caused by either criminal charges or employment allegations and/or dismissals. Reprieve’s logo as such is the phoenix rising from the ashes.

The firm founded by Daniel Wilson, GDLP. LLB (one of Sydney’s most results driven lawyers) gives an experienced solicitor guarantee. Furthermore we get the results (97% success rate). Lastly we are the best human rights defenders when you need such an advocate the most.

In addition Rep-Revive Criminal & Employment Lawyers® understand how the legal system works and how the authorities who enforce the system work. Our staff have worked specialised in Criminal law offices in Sydney, London and New Zealand and we have seen thousands of prosecutions and Police Fact sheets.

At Rep-Revive Criminal & Employment Lawyers® we also know that oftentimes prosecutions are full of certain mistruths, or there are relevant things missing or there are what are known as unfair aggravating allegations made against you which go above and beyond the truth and/or the crime as charged. Rep-Revive Criminal & Employment Lawyers® thus is unique to the market as it is dedicated to ensuring proper investigations are made to the discovery of the real situation. This is just as true for a defended matter as it is for a matter where a client is pleading guilty. Inevitably we want the Court to see you as the person opposed to the person who is the crime.

In achieving our mission Rep-Revive Criminal & Employment Lawyers® offers four unique options which can be individually tailored to suit your circumstances/needs. For example if you are charged with a criminal offence Rep-Revive Criminal & Employment Lawyers® gives you the option to:

  • (1) Negotiate or try and negotiate with prosecutors/police (plea negotiation),
  • (2) Plead Not Guilty and go to hearing/trial,
  • (3) Plead guilty to the elements of the charge and then dispute the facts (at a special “disputed facts” hearing) or
  • (4) Plead guilty with full acceptance of the facts as set out by the police.

At Rep-Revive Criminal & Employment Lawyers® we take pride and passion in representing our clients and always provide quality legal representation in the metropolitan area or throughout New South Wales. We have a policy of being highly accessible to our clients and have genuine commitment to each and every client. These factors set us apart from other firms.

If you, or someone you know is being investigated, has been accused or charged with a criminal offence joining forces with a great and affordable criminal law team such as Rep-Revive Criminal & Employment Lawyers® can relieve the burden and pain and allow a plan to be made which navigates the way that the future should go.

At Rep-Revive Criminal & Employment Lawyers® one free appointment can help you to understand the process, explore possible defences, discuss proven legal strategies and understand what possible outcomes might be achieved.

Book your first free appointment now with Rep-Revive Criminal & Employment Lawyers® on (02) 9198 1996.

Daniel Wilson
- Principal Lawyer

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