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Facing criminal law charges in Sydney is one of the most stressful things anyone should have to endure. The state of NSW has strong penalties.

Why Do You Need a Qualified Criminal defence Lawyer?

Navigating the Criminal law system in Sydney can be quite onerous. Offences in the city carry high stakes. Consequently, criminal law charges are hotly contested. So, without a reliable defence lawyer, you're already at a disadvantage.
Additionally, a genuine and trusty defence lawyer will be honest with you from the outset. They'll carefully review your case, help you understand every aspect of it, and offer unbiased counsel on the best way to proceed.

Who are Rep-Revive Criminal Lawyers®

Rep-Revive Criminal Lawyers® is an Australian law firm that's dedicated to defending and advocating for the rights of those being investigated for or charged with criminal offences. The firm was founded by Daniel Wilson, GDLP. LLB, an accomplished, famed, and results-driven Sydney lawyer.
  • We offer 98% success rate criminal solicitor guarantee, thanks to our world-class criminal defence lawyers and support staff
  • Our lawyers leverage diverse legal tactics, expertise, and experience in criminal law to take on high-priority criminal cases in Sydney
  • Our winning legal team consists of top-class criminal defence lawyers, expert specialists, consultants; and other support staff that help to put together the strongest defence possible
  • Our policy entails being readily available, committed, and compassionate human defenders to all our clients
We specialise in offering top-class legal counsel, representation, and defence to those charged with criminal law offences. Our expert lawyers are adept and experienced at dealing with:

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