Why you need a good advocate at Court


Some people try to go it alone when they are facing a matter in Court.

Whilst for some people this will not be problematic as they are confident and believe they can argue their case to a win. Nevertheless, for most Court is a dauting process. AND Court advocacy is not just about arguing a case.

Court advocacy is somewhat of an art form. As advocacy in Court is not just about arguing a case or putting your best case forward.

Advocacy is much more and is vital when you are facing either a criminal or civil matter in Court.

A good Court advocate will not only be able to argue your case well but will also know;

  • the rules of the Court,
  • the rules of procedure,
  • rules of evidence,
  • developed a case theory and
  • know your matter possibly down to the most intricate details.


They are not the Judge but do decide how a case will be run.


For instance, a good Court advocate will decide: -

  • What arguments to make;
  • The optimal way to present your case to the Court;
  • What evidence to put forth to the Court;
  • How to argue your case in line with your instructions;


A good Court advocate will also;

  • Know their ethical obligations;
  • Always have your best interest;
  • Be persuasive at Court; and
  • Let you know the legal consequences ‘the good, bad and the ugly’


A Court advocate can be a lawyer or a barrister.

Thus, having a good advocate on your side can make the difference between a lose/win or guilty/not guilty.

So, if you or someone you know is facing a matter in Court do not go it alone. Contact Rep-Revive Criminal & Employment Lawyers® for a free initial consultation.



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